Super Bowl 47!

As everyone knows Super Bowl 47 was amazing. There were many Super Bowl records broken, a black out, and the underdogs won!

  • Jacoby Jones tied an NFL league record and set a Super Bowl record for longest kickoff return in a Super Bowl with a 108-yard return to open up the second half. He also set the record for most combined yards in a Super Bowl game with 290, and tied the record for most touchdown plays of 50 yards or more, with 2.
  • Colin Kaepernick set a Super Bowl record for the longest rushing touchdown from a quarterback for his 15 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. This beat the previous 6 yard record held by Joe Montana achieved in Super Bowl XIX.
  • The Ravens scored the same amount of points (34) in both of their Super Bowl appearances. Meanwhile, the 49ers became just the second team to lose the Super Bowl and score more than 30 points after the Dallas Cowboys in Supper Bowl XII; in both cases, the losing team scored 31 points. The two Super Bowls are also the only two times in NFL history (including both pre-Super Bowl and post-Super Bowl eras) where both teams scored over 30 points in a Championship game.
  • Both teams combined for 312 kickoff return yards, a Super Bowl record.
  • Because of the power outage in the third quarter, the game set a Super Bowl record long running time of 4 hours and 14 minutes.

As we all know in the third quarter of the Super Bowl the power in half the stadium went out. Many people think it was Beyonce, I did to until I found out that actually Beyonce’s show was run strictly on generated power. It was actually a result of a problem in one of the two feeder lines that power the stadium.

The underdogs won! The Baltimore Ravens won against the San Francisco 34 to 31. It was very close, but the Ravens won. YEY!

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